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All About San Diego SEO Services And You

If you just typed in “San Diego SEO” on Google, you are probably living in San Diego and have a small business that you would like to promote in the area. Well, you are in luck because if you just did a Google search, you will see that there are many search engine optimization companies that are based in that part of the United States. The only question is, which one will you choose?

Well, we have certain criteria when it comes to choosing an SEO company. Before we move on to the specifics, however, let us first talk about SEO in general. What is it and how can you benefit from it?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is basically the art and the science of making different websites rank for a wide variety of keywords. The industry has been around for many years, probably as long as Google has been around, or at least has been around when Google first became popular as the website of choice for most people who want to find things on the Internet.

Why should you do SEO?
You should do it because most people first visit Google if they want to find certain goods and services. Really, the truth about Internet users is that most of them do not remember specific names of websites unless if a website was something as popular as Facebook. What this means is that people rarely type a website address directly into the address bar of an Internet browser. Many go through Google first using the same keywords that they used to find a particular website.

If your business is relatively new and you have not done much in the way of marketing it online, the first thing you need to do is to at least make it rank for your most relevant keywords. Once your website is ranking and it stays there for many months and even years, people will eventually remember your website address and type it directly into the address bar of Google.

Another reason for doing SEO is that it is cheap, or more precisely, it can be cheap. If you just did a search for “San Diego SEO” on Google, you will see that there are many services out there that offer SEO for $200 per month. It is actually very cheap compared to the same services that are based in other locations. It is also cheaper than advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords. If you choose the right SEO consultant, you will see better returns on your investment.

 The fact of the matter about SEO is that it has a better conversion rate than other models of marketing. While advertisements do not convert more than 10%, that is, for every 100 people there would be ten people who will click on your ad, with SEO, it is possible to see a conversion of 25%. You do not need to a mathematician to know that have 25 visitors from out of 100 is better than having ten visitors out of 100.
The high conversion rate really is not surprising. Somehow, for a lot of people, if you are ranking on Google, they automatically think that you are the authority on your subject or that you are automatically a good business if you are providing services.

As we mentioned before, there are many, many companies and freelancers out there that are based in San Diego. How do you know which one to choose? Well, for us, we really think that an SEO service is only as good as its track record. By track record, verifiable proof that it can rank many websites for a wide variety of keywords. Another criteria for us is the work that is going to be done for you. You need to understand that there are basically two areas of SEO that need to be addressed before your website can rank on Google.

The first area is onsite optimization or what you do on your website. The second area is off-site optimization or link building. Before these two areas of concern, though, an SEO consultant needs to provide a website audit to determine your compliance with known optimization practices. As you are looking for someone to do SEO work, make sure to talk to at least three professionals who have been doing that kind of work for at least five years. We are saying at least five years because Google has been constantly changing its ranking algorithm within the past five years. If an SEO consultant has been able to rank websites for that long, you bet that it is worth your time.

How long does it take for your website to rank on Google? That really depends on the difficulty of the keyword being ranked for. For example, if the keyword you are trying to rank for has the official website of CNN as the top ranking website, it will be difficult for your website to rank. Why? Because CNN is considered an authority website. In general, though, no matter how difficult or easy a keyword is, it is generally believed it will take one year to three years for websites to rank and be found on the first page of the search engine results. Why? Because although there are only two areas of concern of SEO (to recap, it’s onsite optimization and link building), the fact of the matter is that the ranking algorithm of the world’s largest search engine takes into consideration at least 200 ranking factors, that combined, determine which websites should be number one.

 IF you think it’s a lot of ranking factors, it is. However, if you choose the right SEO expert, you can tackle all of these ranking factors easily. However, since it takes over a year to be on page one on Google, make sure that you have a budget for hiring an SEO consultant for one year. And that is how you hire an SEO.